Version 4.2 Release Highlights

As the first major update to SP4, version 4.2 is the largest software revision we've ever released.

Below is just an overview of key features & improvements to Version 4. Click here to view the complete release notes.

iconPlayback / Audio

  • In this big update, we've reworked & replaced many of the existing sound libraries for improved playback quality with strings & woodwinds:

  • Summary of Reworked Instruments:
  • Improvements and fixes for correct tuning, better sample/recording quality, normalization, and frequency response
  • Completely new instrument samples for violin, viola, string ensembles, and cello. (To hear an unaltered performance exported from the app, play the SoundCloud track below)
  • Other new instruments in the collection include an alternate grand piano & electric piano, a rock & percussive organ, banjo sitar, and more
  • Updated percussion samples to include original stereo samples

  • Sequencer / Audio Engine Improvements & Features:
  • Dynamics & expressions now update playback in real time, including for indications (mp,mf,ff) and ranged symbols (cresc./decresc./8va)
  • Correct playback of cut-time bars & fermata symbols
  • Ranged symbols, including crescendi and octave signs, are applied properly during playback of multi-part scores
  • Performance issues fixed for playback autoscroll on older iPads
  • Also addresses crashing during playback due to internal consistency errors
  • Adjust the play head to the next or previous bar during playback by tapping the left or right arrow button (illustrated):

iconImport / Export

  • PDF/AirPrint:
  • PDF quality no longer fluctuates between exported pages
  • AirPrint menu updated for iOS 9; fixed occasional freezing
  • Documents no longer have line/border artifacts around page

  • Audio/MIDI:
  • Export to m4a (AAC) crashing fixed entirely
  • MIDI import: dozens of improvements to notational conversion, including beat values and note values
  • MIDI Import & Export: MIDI instrument map now conforms to General MIDI Standard

  • Improvements to MusicXML Import:
  • We’ve worked hard to make score interchange support up-to-date with the latest versions of Sibelius, Finale, and Notion:
  • Support for key signature changes & transposing staff
  • Improved support for part-wise clefs
  • Recognition of pickup measures
  • Recognition of grand staff, multi-stave parts, and part groups

  • Improvements to MusicXML Export:
  • Export of part group information & instrument names
  • Transposing staves now exported with correct pitch information when concert pitch is turned off

  • General
  • Export / Share menu openable from Score Editing Window > Navigation Menu (illustrated):

  • image

iconEditing Features

  • Score Layout:
  • Score aspect ratio fits iPad screen in for landscape and portrait editing/viewing by default
  • You can now specify the maximum duration of a multi-bar rest. Just select the desired whole rests to collapse, then tap the 'Create Multi-Measure Rest' option that appears above the selection
  • Separate options to lock score aspect ratio to device portrait or device landscape (illustrated):

  • image

  • Note Entry:
  • Fixes incorrect accidentals when entering notes via cursor or direct input
  • Ghost/bracketed note support, available from noteheads expandable button
  • Dotted note icon deselects automatically after entering note. See web manual section for details to override behavior
  • Accidental sign automatically turns off from Notes Toolbar after entering note. Option to disable this behavior is available under Home Screen > Settings > Symphony Pro
  • When undoing or deleting the entry of a note/chord: the original dot, tie, and accidental properties are now restored in Notes Toolbar

  • Editing of Note Properties
  • Tap once on newly added note to bring up transpose/edit/delete menu items
  • Tap a second time to show the Note Properties Palette, the Custom Tuplet feature, and other Note Adjust Menu options (illustrated):
  • image

  • Correct note name now displayed when transposing notes

  • Note Input Cursor:
  • Preview how a selected note or chord sounds by tapping once on the cursor
  • Positioning of cursor more reliable for entering notes and score symbols (illustrated):
  • image

  • Chord Symbols:
  • Font sizes now consistent for musical characters when opening project
  • When performing a key signature change, symbols beyond current page are now transposed

  • Score Zooming
  • Pinch-to-zoom gesture within score now works reliably
  • Highlighted/selected score symbols rendered correctly during & after zooming

  • Other:
  • Repositioning staves vertically works for multi-voice score
  • Adding textboxes to empty bars works as expected
  • Score resolution no longer reduced after app reopens from background

iconUser Interface

  • General:
  • Redesigned & streamlined for iPad Pro, including toolbars & navigation icons

  • image

  • Faster loading & saving of local and iCloud projects
  • When importing SYM document via iOS 'Open In' option, the copied project is now placed in currently viewing folder
  • (Beta feature) You can now import a directory of SYM projects from Import File Menu. This will auto-create a folder that’s available from the View Folder menu

  • QWERTY Commands (Requires External Accessory):
  • Available key commands now categorized into sections. (Press Option + K to toggle corresponding menu)
  • Reliability improvements to all existing editing shortcuts
  • With customized keyboard shortcuts: newly available commands are added to the Shortcut List menu automatically
  • Save or rename your score using Command+S or Command+Shift+S respectively
  • You can now save customized shortcuts as a preset file, then import/export the file via email (illustrated):

  • image

  • 'View Full Score' feature (available from Score menu)
  • Now resizes score to match screen dimensions completely
  • On-screen instrument icon from Notes Toolbar no longer unresponsive after applying this command

  • image

  • Help Guides:
  • View a Contextual Help Overlay (illustrated) for a visual overview of currently available command / editing icons. Available under Help Icon > Quick Help:

  • image

  • Reassignable Percussion Staff
  • The Reassign Percussion Menu (illustrated) has been redesigned, and much easier to use for customizing which staff position corresponds to which drum sample
  • Allows you to preview the drum sample before applying it to a staff position:

  • image

iconNotational Rendering Improvements

  • Cleaner note alignment for multi-voice staves
  • Improved display & positioning of rests
  • Sharper rendering throughout, yet with smoother performance than earlier versions of SP4
  • Forward ties at the start of new pages now displayed

iconAccessibility Support

  • Magic Tap gesture (two-finger double tap) toggles playback
  • Press Option+Command+P to read back the score symbols next to a given note. Includes dynamics, articulations, chord symbols, and lyrics
  • Press Command+Shift+P to read back note name, note value, and other note properties for a cursor selection
  • You can now tap-to-set tempo by pressing Shift+T; a metronome click will play on each registered tap
  • Staff Side Panel (at left of screen) now contains time and key signature information for VoiceOver